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How to store and handle your rolls of labels ? 20 April 2021


Julien Pierre


Arrangement, temperature and humidity 

  • Place the rolls flat and on top of each other, perfectly stacked: the reels must never be placed on their side. 
  • Ideal storage conditions: maximum 20°C and 50% relative humidity, in order to avoid ripples. 
  • For labels with a fluid adhesive: choose a cool place, between 10°C and 18°C, without condensation, and pack the labels into a plastic bag. 
  • Protect the rolls from direct sunlight. 
  • Store unused rolls of labels in their sealed packaging. 
  • Store any opened rolls of labels in their plastic bags. 


  • Apply the FIFO rule: first in, first out. 
  • The labels must ideally be used within two years of being produced. 
  • Remove the reels from their packaging carefully, in order to avoid any telescoping. 
  • Avoid re-tightening in order to maintain the flexibility of the reel. 
  • Remove dust, grease, oil or traces of old labels with solvent. Do not use any agent with a wax or silicone base. 
  • Avoid excessive contact between the adhesive and your fingers. 
  • In ideal storage conditions, wait 24 hours before performing any tests for tearing or resistance on the labels. 
  • If the temperatures in your production area and your warehouse differ, allow the labels to acclimatise in their closed packaging. 

Practical rule: 

Temp. difference Acclimatisation
5°C 12 hours
7°C 18 hours
10°C 24 hours
15°C 32 hours
20°C 45 hours
25°C 64 hours
30 °C 82 hours
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