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The labelling of chemical products 4 January 2021


As of December 1, 2012, chemical substances must be classified according to the GHS system, an international system for labelling hazardous materials categorized according to numbers, pictograms and hazard statements.

The label is the primary source of information about a product

According to the prescriptions of the RDs of 24-05-1982 and 11-01-1993 relating to chemical agents, the manufacturer or distributor must ensure that the label is regulatory and contains all the necessary information, namely

  • the name of the product
  • the specific indication of danger and related symbols
  • phrases that mention the specific risks of its hazards (R-phrases)
  • sentences containing precautionary statements to limit any risk (S-phrases)
  • the name and address of the manufacturer or the person who placed the product on the market
  • the appropriate hazard symbol for the product, i.e.

The particulars on the label on the package or container must be clearly legible and indelible so that the specific hazard statements and/or symbols, risk phrases and precautionary statements intended to mitigate each risk will attract the attention of users, and in particular the color and layout of the label must be such that the hazard symbol and its background are clearly distinguishable.

The label must be affixed in such a way as to be clearly visible and horizontally legible when the container is placed in its normal position.

The label shall have the following dimensions, depending on the volume of the containers, bags or envelopes :

Package capacity Size
less than or equal to 3 l. if possible 52 x 74 mm
more than 3 l and less than or equal to 50 l. at least 74 x 105 mm
more than 50 l and less than or equal to 500 l. at least 105 x 148 mm
more than 500 l. at least 148 x 210 mm 

L’étiquette doit adhérer durablement, par toute sa surface, sur l’emballage.

Labelling and signage  

Remember to check the following points :  

  • All containers (bottles, jerrycans, tanks, cisterns…) are labeled with: 
    • the name of the product 
    • the risk phrases R and the safety phrases S 
    • the corresponding pictograms 
    • the name and address of the manufacturer 
  • If the chemicals have been transferred to other containers, these are also labelled 
  • The labels and instructions are in your language. 
  • All risk premises and storage areas bear the hazard pictograms for the products concerned with: 
    • a possible smoking ban 
    • possible ban on flame work 
    • the possible ban on driving with motorized vehicles 
    • the specific signage for the type of transport of goods is known, in particular the so-called ADR signage for road transport 

(sources: SPF Employment/SIPPT) 

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